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Best public and private hospitals in Nairobi county 2024

Nairobi, the capital city as well as the largest town in Kenya. The county has a huge population, and health being a vital need the region has several private and public hospitals. But what are the best private and public hospitals in Nairobi? We’ve got the answer in this article. First of all, there are several private and public hospitals in Nairobi to serve the population. However, public hospitals may be congested and many world opt for private. In other hand, private hospitals may seem to be a bit expensive for some individuals. In our list, we have picked hospitals that will also allow you to access services using your NHIF. Without further ado, here are the best private and public hospitals in Nairobi county.

Best private hospitals in Nairobi county

If you prefer private hospitals. Without any particular order, the following are the best private hospitals in Nairobi county. We have also included NHIF numbers to those hospitals that allow NHIF.

Aga Khan University hospital

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi

This private hospital established in the year 1958 is the current best hospital in Nairobi county. The hospital is working to achieve its vision of being the premier teaching and refferal facility in sub-Saharan Africa. This hospital is renowned for treating major disease like diabetes, and cancer. Aga khan NHIF code is 8000005

The Nairobi hospital

The Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi hospital is another great private hospital located in Upperhill, Nairobi along Argwings Kodhek Road. This hospital offers a wide range of services, such as Pediatric, Imaging, emergency accidents, and Radiology. This hospital has up to 335 beds to cater for the vast patient needs. Moreover, the hospital has latest machines to help in complex surgeries like heart surgeries, and kidney transplant. Nairobi hospital Nhif code is 8000012

The Karen Hospital

The Karen Hospital


Just as the name suggests, this hospital is located in Karen, Nairobi along Karen-Langata Road. Karen hospital hospital was founded by cardiologists, Dan Gikonyo and Betty Gikonyo. Their vision was to give Kenyans quality health services at a pocket friendly price. The hospital offers a wide variety of services such as, emergency, treatment, diagnostics, palliative, and rehabilitation. This hospital has enough facilities, including operation theatres, 103 beds, and about 26 specialities. Impressively, Karen hospital came up with The Karen Medical Training College to train the health professionals of the next generation. Karen hospital Nhif code is

MP Shah Hospital

Mp Shah Hospital

M.P. Shah Hospital is another top private hospital both in Nairobi as well as in the whole country. The hospital leads the race when it comes to services offered to cancer patients. With their advanced machines, it also has highly skilled professionals to take care of patients. This hospital has a great reputation, it receives approximately of 2100 cancer patients yearly. The hospital has enough beds to accommodate enough people, a total of 210 beds. Moreover, MP Shah offers services like outpatient treatment and pediatrics. With the trust this hospital has gained, it is absolutely among the greatest referral hospitals in the region. MP Shah hospital Nhif code is 8000018

The Mater hospital

Mater Hospital

The Mater Misericordiae hospital was established in the year 1962. The name matter is popular for heart health and safety in Kenya. This hospital helps in offering heart services and treatment in the country. Mater hospital has what it takes to offer the best services. It has well-trained professionals, modern equipment, and advanced technology for quality services. In addition to heart services, the hospital has other departments, including pediatrics, outpatient, maternity, and more. Moreover, the hospital runs the popular heart matters run, occurring every year to help individuals with heart issues. What a great hospital. It was also the first hospital in central and east Africa to receive an award. Mater hospital Nhif code is 8000009

Mediheal group of hospitals

Medi heal hospital

This hospital is another great option you can opt to visit. The hospital is located in 3rd parklands Avenue, Nairobi. Many refer this hospital as Kenya-India hospital, since their services are India -like services offered in Kenya. Impressively, the hospital offer those quality services at a pocket-friendly price. It is a great option for diagnostic tests like There Nhif code 80001138

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Nairobi Womens Hospital

This is another great private hospital located in Hurlingham, Nairobi. The hospital offers services in treatment, diagnosis, and follow-up in sex-related issues like sex abuse. There are more other advanced segments away from sex issues. Despite this hospital calling itself “women” hospital, it also attends to men. The Nhif code is 8000753.

Best public hospitals

The following are the best government hospitals in Kenya. The following hospitals have enough equipment and beds.

Kenyatta National hospital

Kenyatta National Hospital

This is the largest as well as a popular public hospital in Kenya. This great hospital, founded in 1901, has enough beds ranging from 1800-2000. This hospital is now offering teaching services to university of Nairobi students of health science. Kenyatta hospital has the best specialist and doctors in the country. Also, Kenyatta hospital allows both in and outpatients. Here is the Nhif code for this hospital 8000058

Mbagathi County Referral Hospital

This hospital became more popular, especially during the 2020 covid 19 era. The hospital used to be mentioned almost every day by the minister of education, Mutai Kagwe. This hospital played a key role in the isolation and treatment of covid 19 patients. Also, in 1950s, this hospital was used to cater to infectious diseases. With this long-standing experience, the hospital has a good rapport. Mbagathi hospital has adequate facilities and specialists to offer the best services. Additionally, this hospital is open for both inpatients and outpatients. For those with Nhif, the code of the hospital is 8000006.

Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital

This is a county hospital named after the Late Lucy Kibaki, the wife to the third president of Kenya, Late Mwai Kibaki. This hospital, established in 2013, was created to reduce congestion in major referral hospitals like Kenyatta and Mbagathi. This hospital offers quality services for both inpatients and outpatients clients. You can access their services using Nhif, and their code is 8000651

Mathari National hospital

Mathari Hospital

This is the largest psychiatric hospital in the country. This hospital is located near Mathari slums in Nairobi. It was established to cater to patients with mental illnesses. Mathari hospital has a great reputation for providing quality services to individuals seeking psychiatric help. Moreover, Mathari has highly qualified specialists to offer quality psychiatric services. They allow both inpatients and outpatients. Their Nhif code is 8000059.

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