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Best Private and Public Hospitals in Mombasa

There are several hospitals in Mombasa county. A patient like you and me will go for the best services. Therefore, we have compiled a list so that you can identify the best hospitals in the county. Apparently, the private hospitals have taken over the top 10 position. However, we are going to offer you a list of both private and public hospitals. We determined the best hospital by checking the services offered, if they offer NHIF, the number of resources like bed. Moreover, a good hospital should have good customer reviews. So, here are the best private and public hospitals in Mombasa county

Best private hospitals in Mombasa

There are many private hospitals in Mombasa county. Some have done well, having good customer satisfaction and resources. The following are the best private hospitals in Mombasa county.

Aga khan hospital

Aga Khan Mombasa

Aga khan is a popular name in the country. This hospital is also one of the best in Kenya. What makes it among the best? The hospital offers 24 hours emergency, and inpatient services. The top services offered throughout are surgery, intensive care, gynecology, pediatrics, and obstetrics. The hospital allows the use of Nhif, their nhif code is 7779004.

Mombasa hospital

The Mombasa Hospital

Just like Mombasa town, this hospital is the largest and oldest in the county. This hospital has a number of services, for example physiotherapy, hemodialysis, operating theatre, emergency services, intensive care, executive checkups, radiology and imaging. The hospital offer Nhif services, their code is 7779007.

Al Farooq hospital

This is a modern private hospital in Mombasa county, offering a variety of quality and affordable services. The top notch services offered including, laboratory, dentistry, in-patient services, radio diagnosis, physiotherapy, minor and major theatres. The hospital allows Nhif, their code is 7779552.

Jocham hospital

Jocham is a private hospital in Mombasa offering quality services. This hospital officially begun it’s services in the year 1999. The hospital has enough resources and also offer an array of services. The services offered are x-ray and ultrasound, general medical treatment, radiology, physiotherapy, laboratory services, and more. The hospital is also accredited to use NHIF, their code is 7779730.

Pandya memorial hospital

This is another awesome private hospital in Mombasa. Pandya hospital has a total of 119 beds. The hospital offers a variety of services though slightly expensive. The good thing about this healthcare unit, you will be able to access their services 24 hours. Moreover, the hospital allows the use of NHIF, their NHIF code is 7779016.

Montana hospital

Montana Hospital

Montana is a private hospital located in kisauni, Mombasa. The hospital has quality medical services to it’s clients. They offer both in-patient and out patient services. Other services are physician services, senior housing, skilled nursing facility, assisted living, home health, hospice plus others. The hospital accept NHIF, their code is 77782268.

Bayleaf hospital

This private hospital is fantastic and it’s preferred by many. Bayleaf is located opposite Total petrol station, along Lumumba road. The hospital offers a variety of services, they include pharmacy, physiotherapy, antenatal care, laboratory services, general medical consultation, vaccination, among others. You can access medical check-ups at a pocket friendly price. The NHIF code for this hospital is 77798438.

Premier hospital

This is a determined private hospital with exceptional services in Mombasa county. The hospital is situated in Nyali, along links road. The hospital offers variety of services, they include physiotherapy, operations, emergency and accident, dental clinic, radiology, and more. Premier hospital allows the use of NHIF, the code is 77796350.

Best public hospitals in Mombasa

Mombasa is still lagging behind when it comes to public hospitals offering quality services. It seems private hospitals have taken the initiative. But we have a few public hospitals that are striving to offer better services. Here, we have define public hospitals by including mission, NGO, and government hospitals. We have conducted our research and here are the best public hospitals in Mombasa.

Coast General Teaching and Refferal Hospital


This great hospital was initially called coast province general hospital. This hospital founded in 1957 is the largest government hospital in Mombasa county. This hospital offers a number of services, ranging from physiotherapy, dental, radiology, and more. The hospital has up to 700 beds to serve many patients. Moreover, it is accredited by NHIF, their code is 7779069. The nhif covers both inpatient, and outpatient. You can visit this hospital to access their services.

Sayyidah Fatimah hospital

In 1993, sayyidah fatimah hospital was developed in mlaleo, kisauni located in Mombasa county. This missionary hospital has grown over time and currently ranked among the best. Sayyidah fatimah has skilled professionals, and modern facilities. Moreover, this hospital offer services like physiotherapy, gynecology and more. It has also been accredited to use nhif services, their nhif code being 7772811.

Bomu hospital

BOMU Hospital

Bomu hospital is one of the top hospital in Mombasa. It begun in the year 1970, then developed with time to become one of the best in Mombasa. This hospital has some of the best services like gynaecological, inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation, dental, radiology and more. In addition to that, many customers have been impressed by it’s services, they have good customer reviews. Moreover, it has been accredited by NHIF, and it’s Nhif code is 7778833.

Final word

In Mombasa, most of their best hospitals are private hospitals. Some hospitals are not only the best in Mombasa but also in the whole country. Otherwise, this list may be subjected to change, and those positions are not permanent. Hopefully, soon we will see more public hospitals doing well like their private counterparts. According to research, In a list of top fifteen hospitals in Mombasa, almost all of them are private. This shows how private hospitals are striving to offer best services in this county. Good services is all that we want and we have to appreciate their efforts.

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