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Best Private and Public hospitals in Kiambu County

Kiambu County is among the fast developing counties in Kenya. The health sector is also growing in the region to serve its high population density. Apparently, many private hospitals are coming up to improve the health services in Kiambu county. In fact, private hospitals have taken the initiative of the best hospitals in the region.

In this article, we will let you know the best public and private hospitals in Kiambu county. We made our list according to the services offered, and a number of resources like beds. Moreover, we also picked those hospitals that have great customer reviews.

Best private hospitals in Kiambu

1. Nazareth hospital kiambu

Nazareth hospital

Nazareth hospital began in the year 1964. The hospital in Kiambu west, Limuru division. This hospital offers quality services to its patients. Some of the services offered are maternity, theatre, renal and dialysis, Laboratory, and more. To those with NHIF, the code of this hospital is 22201

2. Kijabe hospital

This is another awesome private facility located in Kiambu. The hospital was founded in the year 1915 by the African inland church. It offers 24 hours services for outpatient, diagnostic, delivery, inpatient, emergency, and more. Moreover, this hospital is common for its specialist services. To those using NHIF, the code of this facility is 22206408.

3. Plainsview Nursing home

Plainsview is another great private message in Kiambu. It is located in Ruiru town along Thika road. It offers a variety of services such as dental, outpatient services, special units, and inpatient services. This hospital has incredible ambulance services to refer their patients either from or to other facilities. The hospital Nhif code is 2220848.

4. Betacare hospital, githurai

This is another fantastic private hospital found in Githurai town. Betacare hospital was established in 2007 and has grown fast since then. The hospital has services such as ultrasound, laboratory, outpatient, gynecology, maternity, surgery, antenatal, and much more. This hospital’s NHIF code is 2220845.

5. Mater hospital Thika

This hospital is also an incredible private hospital in Kiambu county. “Mater” is a common name in Kenya for heart health and safety. Mater is a brand that almost everyone is familiar with. The mater heart run is common in Kenya, it’s also consistent every year to help people with heart problems. The hospital offers a number of services, such as gynecology, doctors consultation, vaccination, antenatal services, pharmacy, and more.

6. Neema hospital

Neema Hospital

Neema is a level 4 hospital located along Thika road at kahawa Sukari. This mission hospital was designed in order to provide quality health services at a pocket-friendly price. This hospital is equipped with modern facilities to offer the best services. The hospital offer services such as maternity, outpatient, optical, gynecology, emergency, and more. The hospital is accredited to use Nhif, their code is 80001953.

7. Meridian medical center

Meridian is another awesome private hospital in Kiambu. It offers quality services in radiology, pharmacy, outpatient consultation, laboratory services, dental services, and others. This hospital has enough facilities to offer great services to its patients.

8. Avenue healthcare

Avenue healthcare, Kiambu branch is a great private hospital aiming to offer quality services at an affordable price. The hospital offers a number of services, like pharmacy, general consultation, immunization, general checkups, and more. They allow the use of NHIF, with their code being 22208527.

9. Gertrudes children’s clinic

Gertrudes Hospital

This is another awesome private hospital situated in Kiambu. It is located around Zuhura, Kenyatta highway. Looking at its name, this hospital is a children’s clinic offering only outpatient services. The hospital will give your child quality services for sure. It offers services like counseling, nutrition assessment, vaccination, and pediatric review. The Nhif code for this facility is 22201580.

10. Radiant group of hospital Kiambu

Radiant is also one of the best private hospitals in Kiambu county. It is found along Githurai road, Kiambu in particular. Apparently, the services offered in the facility include immunization, antenatal, consultation, VCT, and more. Moreover, this hospital allows NHIF, here is their code 22201745.

Best public hospitals in kiambu

1. Kiambu refferal hospital

Kiambu referral hospital is another great government facility. It was previously known as Kiambu district hospital. This hospital was founded by the ministry of health in the year 1921. The hospital was a level 4 hospital but in 2017, it was upgraded to level 5. This hospital offers various services, including Antenatal, tuberculosis treatment, basic emergency care, and more. It also allows the use of NHIF and their code is 2220063. The second(amenity) code is 2220763. Their NHIF cover both outpatient and inpatients.

2. Kiambu medical center

This is another great public hospital located in Kiambu. The hospital deserves to be on our list since it has good customer reviews. Therefore, customer satisfaction is a priority when picking the best services. The hospital was established in 1999. Today, it offers a variety of services like general outpatient, laboratory, optical services, dental clinic, and more. The hospital is accredited by Nhif, their code is 2220452.

3. National hospital insurance fund- Kiambu

This hospital was established in 1966 by the ministry of health. The Nhif hospital insurance fund- Kiambu was made to offer insurance services to formal employment individuals. This hospital has enough resources and offers a wide range of services. The services offered are outpatient, inpatients, Linda mama services, supa cover services, and civil servants scheme.

4. Thika level 5 hospital.

Thika Level 5 hospital

Thika Level 5 hospital is situated in Thika, Kiambu county. This hospital offers services like gynecology, optical, emergencies, dental and more. This hospital’s Vision is to be a world-class level 5 hospital, indeed it’s working to be the best. The hospital has spread its roots the way serving neighboring counties like murang’a, Nairobi, Machakos, and Kirinyaga.

Within a year, Thika level 5 hospital can serve over 20, 000 inpatients, and about 350,000 outpatients. The hospital offers free maternity with or without NHIF. However, the cesarean section will require some cash. This hospital has a total of 467 beds and also accepts NHIF. Their NHIF code is 2220067.

In conclusion, that is our list of best private and public hospitals in Kiambu county. The list may be subject to change since no position is permanent. You also comment on our list or recommend a hospital.

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