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5 best fridges to buy in Kenya

Due to urbanization and the rising cost of living, people need to preserve food to prevent it from going bad, therefore saving money. This calls for the adoption of the best possible method of food preservation, the refrigeration method. A fridge preserves food by keeping bacteria dormant and cold, thus preventing them from spoiling food. Buying refrigerators has therefore become a necessity and not a luxury as it was considered in the past. It is important to select the most suitable fridge which works well according to your preference. Here are the five best fridges to buy in Kenya.

1. MIDEA HS- 121LN Single Door Refrigerator

This is a top choice fridge from one of the best brands of fridges in the country. It is has a single door which is ideal for small kitchens and offices. It has a unique design that complements any kitchen or office look. It is an energy-saving appliance which has a one-year warranty. When purchased, its box comes with the fridge together with a manual for instructions. It is built mainly on steel and plastic. The fridge is convenient and efficient for preserving all kinds of foodstuff. It is also CFC-free. You are required to confirm the size of the fridge upon delivery to ensure it is the right capacity you ordered for. Order and purchase it on JUMIA at only KES 15,900.

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Key features

  • Single door
  • Adjustable leg
  • Separated chill compartment
  • Energy saving
  • Reversible door
  • Direct cool


  • It has a small size hence can fit in a small kitchen or office
  • Convenient and efficient for preserving all kinds of food.
  • It is CFC free hence environmental friendly


  • It has a small size hence not suitable for a large family

2. BRUHM BFS -93MD Single Door Refrigerator

The fridge is among the best in Kenya, judging from its features. When looking for an efficient fridge that is easy to use and durable, look no further. BRUHM fridge will indeed come in handy to meet your needs. It has a single door which is ideal for kitchenettes and small offices. It also has a stylish design that will surely complement your kitchenette or office. It produces low noise when working and also has adjustable legs. It is fitted with an interior light that enables you to see the fridge’s items without strain. This fridge also has a direct cooling system. On purchase, its box comes with the fridge, manual for instructions, not forgetting the warranty card. Place your order on JUMIA at only KES 16,900.

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Key features

  • Single door
  • Adjustable legs
  • Interior light system
  • Direct cooling system
  • 95-liter capacity


  • Small size hence can fit into small kitchens and offices
  • It has a direct cooling system hence can be adjusted to low temperatures depending on the needs of the consumer


  • Small size hence not suitable for preserving large quantities of food

3. RAMTONS RF/173, 2-Door Direct Cool Fridge

The refrigerator is one of the best quality fridges from a re-known manufacturer of electronic home appliances- talk about RAMTONS. You can always trust RAMTONS for any appliance that is efficient, easy, and fun to use. The fridge is energy-efficient and CFC-free. It has a double door which suites large kitchens and offices. Its ideal design complements your large kitchen or office. It has 128litres of capacity and has a height of 129.5 cm. It is fitted with the Zanussi compressor. The fridge is also fitted with interior light, enabling you to see the items in the fridge without strain. Upon purchase, its box comes with the fridge itself and a manual for instructions. Order it on JUMIA at only KES 27,899.

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Key features

  • Double door
  • 128-liter capacity
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Interior light


  • Is CFC free hence environmental friendly
  • Large space for storing more foodstuff
  • It is suitable for a large family due to its size


  • Due to its large frame, it cannot fit into small kitchens or offices

4. HISENSE REFO92DR Single Door Fridge 92 Litres

This is a top-notch fridge manufactured by HISENSE brand, which is passionate about technology and makes it accessible to people, improving lives. Order this fridge online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep. It has a slim design for one door, which makes it ideal for kitchenettes and small offices. Its beautiful design and silvery finish complement your kitchen. It has a full-function freezer that is spacious and roomy, thus stores adequate food. It is fitted with an interior light to enable you to see easily what is in the fridge without strain. This fridge has a 2- year warranty. It is mainly made of steel and PVC, thus boosting its durability. Order it on JUMIA at only KES 19,745.

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Key features

  • Single door
  • Full function freezer
  • Interior light
  • Toughened glass shelves


  • Small hence can fit into kitchenettes and small offices
  • Is CFC free hence environmental friendly
  • It has toughened glass shelves hence durable


  • Has limited space hence not suitable for storing large amounts of food

5. VON VARM-11DHW Mini Fridge 90L


You can always trust Hotpoint to bring top-notch intelligent appliances into your home, including this fridge. The fridge has a highly tropicalized compressor combined with an external condenser. This keeps the fridge cool and all your edibles fresh. The fridge has a vegetable box for all your veggies and an egg holder for your eggs. This fridge has a two-year warranty. Upon purchase, the box comes with the fridge itself, a manual for instructions, and a warranty card. It has 90 liters of capacity. Order it on JUMIA at only KES 19,592.

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Key features

  • External condenser
  • Single door
  • Inbuilt freeze technology
  • 8-egg capacity holder
  • 90-liter capacity


  • Its inbuilt freeze technology keeps all your food at your preferred temperature superfast
  • CFC free hence environmental friendly


  • Mini size hence can only accommodate a limited amount of food for preservation

Fridge buying guide

A fridge is an appliance that is used to perform many duties in our homes. Nowadays, refrigerators have become necessary to some homes, and it’s hard to live without one. Unlike the past, there are many refrigerators in the market with different styles and design units, such as the cleverly designed unit to disappear on décor—also the smart features like the ones acting as refrigerators and entertaining hub. As the refrigerators will be used for your future needs, it isn’t easy to find a more suitable fridge for your changing lifestyle. When looking for the right fridge, you will need to understand your needs and selecting what best suits your kitchen. This article will guide you through the things to look at.

1. Kitchen space

You can measure the space where your refrigerator will be placed, including the length, width, and height. It would help if you also considered leaving a space of at least 25 mm space at the top, sides, and back to enable the release of heat formed during refrigeration.

2. Household capacity

The number of people in your house determines the size of the fridge you will require. The size of your refrigerator should have space for everyone in the household. It is recommended to buy a bigger fridge unless it doesn’t fit in your kitchen. Luckily, the fridges with retractable shelving and flexible layout can be the best option for a small kitchen size. The mentioned features make a small fridge look bigger.

3. Fridge size

As mentioned earlier, some kitchens will limit the space for your refrigerator. Hopefully, there is a fridge that meets your requirements and fits the space available. Even some smaller appliances have a flexible design that increases the capacity. The items that you’ll store on your refrigerator, for example, cans, vegetables, frozen food, and more, will help you in decision-making.

4. Required door style

When choosing your refrigerator, it is wise to consider its door style. Some individuals prefer wider drawers while others go slide-by-side due to their bigger freezer area. The refrigerators are primarily six in number, including French door, double door, triple door, single door, and mini, side by side.

5. Energy efficient

Before purchasing a new or used refrigerator, it is important to check the energy star level to identify the amount of energy the appliance consumes. The more the star rating, the less the electricity. For instance, a 5-star refrigerator consumes less electricity than those two stars. This will help in minimizing electric consumption.

6. Brand warranty

Many refrigerators offer a limited warranty time. However, it is recommended to take a brand that has extended warrant time. There are possibilities that an extra warrant have extra payment; for instance, LG and Samsung have an extended warranty alongside their additional cost on their refrigerators.

7. Hinges and reversible door

It would help if you also narrowed how your fridge will open while in the kitchen since the walls and cabinetry can limit its doors while opening. The door hinges are three types: the left, right, and reversible door fridges. The left hinge door has hinges on the left side, the right hinge has hinges on the right, and the reversible door has hinges on either side. Therefore, you can select the ones that suit your kitchen space. However, you should read the specifications before buying your fridge since some models require a special hinge reversible kit. The reversible door refrigerators are useful where the space is limited.


The best thing about fridges is that they usually have a long lifespan. This, therefore, gives them more time to serve you and your family as long as they are handled with care. The ability of fridges to keep food cold and free from spoiling is cost-effective. This is because the money that would have been otherwise spent on buying food already spoiled will be saved. Fridges also come with a minimum of 1-year warranty to give the user assurance that if the fridge fails to function properly upon purchase, it can either be fixed or replaced at no extra cost. In a fast-changing technological society, where the cost of living is increasing by the day, it is important to own a fridge. Order one on JUMIA and get it delivered to your doorstep at an affordable price.


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