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which is the best CPM Ad Network in 2021?

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The top way to make money online is through advertising. This is why you need to know the best CPM ad network. The easiest way to earn money as a blogger is by placing ads on your site. Affiliate marketing is the right way, and you can make a lot of money with it, but it is not as easy as advertising. Advertising is Google’s and yahoo’s primary source of income. SO what is a CPM ad network? CPM stands for costs per a thousand impressions.

What is a CPM ad network?

An impression refers to every time a single visitor view of an advertisement on your website. However, to make the right amount of money using a CPM Ad network, you need to have thousands of page views daily. A typical CPM Ad network pays $1-$10 per every 1000 impressions.

CPM is an easy model to earn money because no action is needed on the ad but only the impressions. It is different from models that Pay using CPC or CPA models where a person needs to click on the ad so that you can earn from it.

There are so many facts that determine how much money you will make per the 1000 impressions. For instance traffic from 1st tier countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK

*Disclaimer Note that to make a good income using the CPM ad networks you will need a lot of traffic. 

Propeller ads

There is no doubt that Propeller ads are the best CPM ad network. I.t comes with a wide variety of advertising options. For example, banners, pop-under ads, and mobile app advertising. You can also monetize your website using content lockers and interstitial ads.

The propeller ad network has good CPM rates, and they offer instant approval (24 hours) if you have quality content and traffic.

They pay on a monthly bases, but they have a weekly payment option for their top advertisers. Payments are made via PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer.

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Google AdSense

When it comes to advertising Google AdSense is the king. It has more than two million registered publishers, and it is the oldest player in the game. It is easy to join and to set ads too. As long as you paste code to your website, AdSense will control everything else to ensure that you get maximum profits. They have strict policies which must be followed to monetize your content. For instance, your content has to be 100% unique and does not infringe any rights.

Typically AdSense pays based on two models, I.e., cost per click (CPC) and CPM. The reason why many bloggers prefer it. AdSense CPM, however, is determined by so many factors. One is the type of traffic in terms of tier countries or quality traffic.

Payment threshold for AdSense is $100 paid monthly on every 21st. You can receive your payments via a cheque, western union, Payoneer or wire transfer depending on your country. It pays up to $2 per a thousand impressions and up-to $100 per click. We recommend you to use AdSense as your first choice. If you want more money, use it alongside other ad networks too but make sure they do not violate AdSense policies. Your niche too, can have an impact on your earnings. For example, little or no ads will show on pages that have adult content. 

Taboola ads

Taboola is a native advertising ad network that pays publishers in terms of CPC and CPM. However, to qualify, you do need to have a lot of unique traffic from US. 1 million page views in a month precisely. The CPC ranges from 0.15 to 0.13. If you are looking for another way to monetize your blog try Taboola ads. Earnings are split into 50/50 to the publishers. When most of your traffic comes from the US, you will get an added advantage to serve video ads which earn up to $2 dollar CPM or PPC. The downside thing about Taboola ads is that their ads may look spammy at times. Payment is made based on a 30 net through Payoneer or wire transfer is a contextual ad network platform that pays based on clicks and CPM. In fact, it is the second-best advertising network after Google AdSense. Ads shown by are from advertisers bidding on yahoo and Bing ads.  Contextual ads mean that will display Ads depending on the keywords or niche of your content.lets take. For instance, if your blog is about tech, only tech ads will be displayed.

To become a publisher, you need to have most of your traffic coming from Canada, USA, and the UK. is the best in terms of contextual advertising, and that is the reason they are always looking for high-quality websites with premium content. Additionally, you need to have a website written in English and has content that is updated regularly.

Basically, uses several models which translate to an effective model called CPM. With this, you can earn even more amount per 1000 impressions, so it’s difficult to tell how much they pay. Further, their ads are based on the double click models, and it pays awesomely for traffic from USA Canada and the UK.


The minimum traffic requirement for MGID is 30, 000 monthly views. Equivalent to 3,000 views every day. Only these requirements are needed for you to qualify to apply for this native Ad network. You will get an added advantage of the MGID traffic exchange system which may boost your traffic. When most of your traffic comes from the tier 1 countries, you can get a CPM of up to $1. For other countries, the CPM ranges from 1 to 5 cents. The downside about MGID ad network is the quality of the ads. Payment is made each month if you attain the minimum threshold of $100.

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