The Youth and Politics in Kenya

The Kenyan population grows at a very fast rate with the young generation comprising a majority of the population year after year. Based on information gathered from a myriad of sources, the young generation sums up to roughly three quarters of the total population. This makes it clear that if the majority of the population, which is undoubtedly comprised of the youth, is empowered, the country can be sure to make strides towards economic, social and political development.

The fact that the youths are the future leaders of the country should draw the attention of those in power positions, both in politics, economic and social sector, to put up training grounds for these future leaders. This is an assurance that the nation will be entrusted with the right leaders across generations. The security of the national resources and the economic well-being of the country is thus guaranteed.

For instance, it would be prudent if the political parties in the country introduce a youth wing in their structures. The youngsters inducted into the political parties will learn how to manoeuvre politics and other things of national concern. They build experience with and knowledge with which to apply when their time comes.
However, the number of youths are too many to fit in the youth wings of the political parties. Only a small number can be inducted into the training grounds created by the political parties. Thus, a large number of them is left out. They should not be left out also because everyone has their importance in the society. The county governments and the national government can join hands to support and empower these youths more than they do currently. Currently, only a few individuals get to know of the existence of youth support and empowerment programs by national and county governments. It helps just a few in the society.

Some youths have great business ideas but lack the initial capital to put their ideas into implementation. If the economy of the country is entrusted to the young and resourceful individuals, then economic security is guaranteed. Monetary assistance in forms of loans, aids or grants should be provided to such individuals if at all those in leadership, or if better put, those in power positions want the country to prosper.

The future fate of this country will be determined by what steps our leaders take to prepare it. The country has got all it takes to make a solid foundation for the future generation: plenty of minerals, resourceful leaders and individuals too and great minds among its population.

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