The state of the political atmosphere of Africa when the relationships with the western economies is put into consideration

African politics has taken very many turns over the last years since when a majority of African states attained their independence. It is funny, however, how the African nations have been running their politics all this while, with the western economies still manipulating the decisions made by many leaders who come to power, and which creates an atmosphere of uncertainty in the political arena in many African countries.

The economies of the continent’s member states are still lagging far much behind because of a myriad of reasons. But the unfavorable dependence between these states and those of the western, which appears to be undoubtedly not as mutual as it should be thrives over all the other reasons for the underdevelopment statuses.

Though granted independence long ago, African countries still continue to be dependent to a greater magnitude. We depend on the western countries from loans to even the the execution of the natural resources in the different countries, not leaving out the fact that we are not yet absolutely independent even in our administration.The political organizations among some other countries is a clear replica of the already gone colonial masters. This makes African countries more easy to manipulate by the developed countries.

African states has witnessed a large number of military coups some of which are successful while others backfire. While there are those that are fuelled internally, it is evident that there is still among them a number of those that have got their influence from an external source. The coups that are internally activated are majorly sparked to being due to greed for power among some elites. It may also be due to poor leadership and with the need to change regimes among others. However, these internal factors that fuel a coup attempt are overridden by those with an external origin.

Externally activated coups are very lethal. When an overseas country spots an object of interest in an African country, and there is some friction between the former and the latter, a comprador is raised who will aid in the change of regimes for easier exploitation. Such coups usually succeed very easily because of the presence of a powerful backing. In the African history, a majority of coups that were externally activated succeeded. Even up to date, such usually happens but not with much consistency as it used to happen during the aftermath of World War I. This is a clear proof that neo-imperialism is real in Africa.

While the political leaders of African states offer poor leadership which leads to slow growth of the economy of the country in discussion, the overseas powers work hard to hasten the speed with which African economy declines. This also extends the period which Africa is going to remain the subjects of the western powers.

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