5 Best Smart watches under $100 you should consider buying

Let’s face it we are in a dawning age of technology and we all want a piece of it, and smart watches play a role in gearing us deeper into the tech revolution and  make life easier. With the high need of staying connected we need our devices to be as portable as possible. You don’t need to have the expensive Apple Smart Watch or the Samsung Gear Sport to enjoy the benefits of a smart watch. Manufacturers are making it possible for everyone to own a smart watch

So, in this article, we will be looking at the best smart watches under $100 that will quench this need.

1.     Antimi Smart Watch.

Antimi Smart Watch

Antimi Sweatproof   is a very good option for people looking for cheap  . It’s mostly compatible with most Android smartphones for iPhone, it only supports a restricted number of features in this   which include Music player, Calendar, Calculator, Pedometer and Call Sync.

The device has a touchscreen of about 1.5 inches. It comes with a sim card and a 32 GB memory card slot. The   is able to perform the most basic tasks, with notification push feature for calls, SMS, email and social media alerts. Other features include music player, a voice recorder, a remote camera, a pedometer, calendar and a lot of other important features.

The impressive feature about this   is that it can also operate as an independent phone. With the ability to make phone calls and send text messages, without connecting it to your smart phone. Its battery life lasts for 3-4 days at full charge.

2.     Scinex SW20 Smart Watch.

Scinex SW20

Scinex SW20 is a unisex  .  It has a smooth display with a 1.5-inch touchscreen which is easily responsive. The watch supports a GSM micro sim card, you can send and receive messages, manage calls, receive notification alerts, it can act as a standalone  . It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Unlike most   of its kind, it does support Bluetooth connectivity with your phone as the secondary device. This connectivity can be used to sync your contacts and allows you to do basic functions right from your  .

Improving its status as a “smartwatch phone”, the Scinex SW20 comes with a 1.3MP camera on the side for capturing of videos and pictures, a 16GB memory size which is expandable to 32GB, a built-in speaker with a mic, and a music player.  Other features include Anti-lost, Activity Tracker, and Remote Capture.

It has a 300mAh battery which upon full charge can last 2-5 days.


3.   Alcatel OneTouch Smart Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Smart Watch

Alcatel One Touch Watch is a slim and stylish smart watch  for everyone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The watch contains various easy-to-use apps such as a health tracker, monitoring alerts and controlling music and camera. You can charge it with your   using a OTG cable. With its great unisex design, the Alcatel One Touch   is a perfect blend of quality and design. The watch has a 1.22inch touchscreen with a 240 x 204 display. It runs on a proprietary OS. You can track your activities throughout the day. Other features include health insight; analyze your body fitness, smart music and selfie control, and a notification push feature. It is very light and thin hence making it feel negligible. The Alcatel   has a 210 mAh battery and will take about an hour to fully charge which if may last for 2-5 days.

4.     Inchor L16 Smart Wristfit

Inchor L16 Smart Wrist fit

The Inchor L16 is a low-end wearable, designed mostly for fitness fans. It has a round display which makes it have an attractive appearance. With its aesthetic appeal, it also has a modicum, set of features for fitness monitoring. It has a 3-axis accelerometer for movement tracking and as a health tracker. Also offers additional functionality which include a notification push feature which allows you to receive alerts from social media. The watch covers basic features expected from a smart watch.

The Inchor L16 is compatible with any smart phone running on Android 4.3 and higher or an iOS 7. It has a battery life of up to 5 days of usage. It is safe to say that the Inchor L16 wrist fit smart watch is a decent fitness smart watch but, it can also be useful as a regular smart watch given the various features available. ​

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5.     Aipker DZ09 Smart Watch

Aipker DZ09

One of our readers had the courtesy of sharing with us his experience. The Aipker DZ09 has a 1.56-inch, 240 x 240 pixels, TFT LCD touchscreen. It operates on a Customized Android OS with a 533 MHz equipped with a 128MB memory.  The  smart watch comes with a 32GB micro SD card slot which is convenient for use with the 0.3-MP camera, sound recorder and other functions which will need storage and a single Micro sim card. It also has built-in software including a dialer, messaging, synced contact list and call logs; and file manager, image viewer, calendar and more. Some built-in useful apps include a browser, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The watch is compatible with both Android OS and iOS via Android BT Notifier and iOS Bluetooth.

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