Rain and havoc in urban areas

The recently halted rains truly broke havoc in many different areas of this country. The timespan for the rains was not that long, somewhat very brief,though not as such but the rainwater was flooding everywhere. In fact, during the period when the downpour was at its peak, many people in the urban areas found it hard leaving their houses to the nearest shops to get their deficient essentials. Rental houses were flooded up to midway their height!
Across the country, many places witnessed the damages caused by the rains. Poorly designed roads were also not spared. Some were damaged much more than they were before they were made to their status then.
Taking an example of Thika, for instance, one can see the effects of the rains. The water filled the drainage systems and then spilt over to the roads in large amounts. Motorcycles, though very flexible and able to manoeuvre such flooded roads, faced the danger of being swept away; and that is an urban road! Those who are traveling fanatics found it tough this time round.
Others had to stay indoors out of their will because they could not gain access to their work places because the places were flooded. Although people may try to think that the town is poorly drained, well, I may say that it is well drained to some extent. But something else has to be done. And not in Thika Town only but also in other cities and towns in Kenya.

A section of a flooded feeder road in Thika.

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