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Off-page SEO: Complete guide 2021

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Off-page SEO is an optimization that happens on a website indirectly. Techniques used include link building, local SEO, and social media. Contrary on-page SEO includes site speed optimization, site structure, and content. On-page SEO makes a webpage look good and easy to use while off-page SEO concentrates on generating leads (potential buyers).

Off-Page SEO Techniques explained

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking

Link building

A web page that contains useful information should contain references linking to and from other websites. Link building is the best and most popular off-page technique. Additionally, Algorithms used by search engines study these links to see their relevance and confirm that they pass link juice.  Links generated using Black Hat SEO techniques do not count for ranking these days after most search Engines introduced strategies that curb them. For example, the Google Panda, hummingbird and penguin algorithms created to ensure visitors get high-quality results.

Backlinks Checker

Link Juice Sources

  • High ranked pages
  • Pages with relevant content to your blog
  • Pages with a huge social media following
  • Pages with less external links

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Sources with no link juice

  • Web pages with irrelevant content. for example, linking an article of fashion to a political article.
  • Links from unranked websites
  • From pages with no content.
  • Links obtained using black hat techniques such as link exchange schemes.
  • Paid links
  • Link from pages with so many outbound links

Quality Link sources

  • Guest posts – Writing blog articles for other blogs with 2-3 can improve the ranking of your site.
  • Inbound Links- linking articles with other articles on the same website.
  • Forums- for example answering questions on Quora and linking related articles.
  • Commenting other on other blogs

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has a big impact on SEO results. How? Search Engines work closely with social media to determine quality content that ranks high. In addition, when a post gets more interaction on social media such as like, comments and shares then it is considered as quality content by the Search Engines. Social media affects SEO in the following ways.

  1. Brand awareness is built
  2. Boosts local searches
  3. Drives traffic from social media to your site
  4. Boosts authority for example when tweets mention your link or brand
  5. More visibility on social media and in SERPs
Social Media Marketing increases visibility on the search engines resultts (SERPs)

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