Key progamming languages and tools for Web Development.

What shoots in your mind every time when you come across web development ?Did you know that web development is one of the most rewarding careers? Take a look at the giant tech industries like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Uber. Most of them started as mere Websites developed by young people but now we call them GIANTS.
Web development can make you a giant too, all you need is to learn basic website development skills and understanding the role they play.

Getting to know the role of a web developer.
In simple terms we  understand a web developer as someone who develops websites. It’s further divided into three subcategories.
Web designing
Front end development.
Back end development.
Web designing
A web designer works on the part of the web that we can see. They work strictly with the general graphical layout of the web. Programming here is minimal since they use tools like
Photoshop-Web designers use Photoshop to create a user interface ,wireframes and web graphics.
Fireworks-Adobe fireworks is the most popular. Fireworks allows web designers to quickly create a UI web designs and also web design prototypes.

Front end Web development.
When we talk of front end we refer to the part of the web that can be seen.It is done using web programming languages like
HTML- This stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which uses tags to identify content. e.g <p> This is a paragraph </p>. It is also used to create tables and svg animations. It is the core of a webpage. Actually all webpages must contain HTML contents.This is the perfect language to study for kick starting your web development career.

CSS-This stands for Cascading Style Sheets.It is used hand in hand with HTML to decorate a webpage. It makes a website more attractive. To learn this you should first understand how HTML works.

JAVASCRIPT-It’s one of the most popular programming languages that is used to add interactivity to webpages, create web applications and also process data. Very essential for a front end website developer.

JQUERY-This is a small JavaScript library which is used to manipulate HTML documents and also make animations much simpler. Developers should learn JavaScript  first to understand jQuery.

Back end web development.
The back-end consists of the part of the web that we cannot see ie Server an application and  databases. More programming place here.For you to become a backend web developer you need to understand these programming languages first.

PHP-Stands for hypertext Preprocessor which is an open source scripting language and its the core of Back end web development. The PHP scripts are only executed on the server. PHP can be used to do a couple of things like encrypting data,controlling user access,collecting form data,generating dynamic page content and creation of a database among many others.

RUBY-This is an object oriented and also a general purpose programming language which is designed for programmer productivity and fun. It was created by Yakihiro Matsumoto.He said “Ruby is simple in appearance but very complex in the inside ,just like our human body. “
PYTHON-This is a high level programming language which is used in many fields such as web programming, artificial intelligence,scientific computing and scripting.

Getting the basic tools for learning web development.
Notepad/sublimetext or any other IDE that can be used for writing code.
Web browser where the code will be compiled
Web Servers like XAMP, MAMP and WAMP. Depends on the operating systems you’re using. These servers are usefull when creating databases.

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