Yes, that is what they say it is,

A ‘free world’

They are the ‘ruling class’s, and they do what they please

Because they are ‘free’, and it is a free world

They speak with authority, even when they should not

They do what they want, whether right or wrong

To fulfill their selfish interests, because they are the ‘people’

They trudge down ‘oer the ‘others’, whilst doing them all evil

That does not suit to be done over a fellow human

They feel free, it is a free world

To the ‘people’

And the rest are not people

It is a free world

Where the innocent rot away in prisons

While the guilty enjoy their freedom

Bragging all over for their stolen victory

Just because their pockets are heavy

And the convicted had butterflies in theirs instead

And so they can never win, even by chance

Because the ‘people’ are not in their side

But their fellow ‘others’

It is where the suffering of one person

Is the determinant of the happiness of another person

This is the society we live in;

A free, wicked and ruthless society

It is a world of absolute freedom

Where light and darkness are great friends

Where evil and goodwill walk with interlocked hands

Where witches and wizards feign religion one day of a week, on the Sabbath

But perform their other bloody activities for the rest of the week

Because it is a free world, a world of free choosing

Where the hurt have no right to seek justice

But rather suffer in silence

All because they do not have a ‘name’

Prior to their culprits who have a ‘bought name’

All because of the difference in the contents of their pockets

Justice is a nightmare to the ‘others’

And to them, injustice is the the talk and is what they are used to

Justice is granted by the ‘power of thedollar’

After all, it is a free world

This is a free world

Where corrupt leaders gang with judicial officers

To conceal the evil and inhumane practices, of such officers

Who loot and rob the public in an industrial scale

Leaving the economy pale

Just to fulfill their interests, for the sake of their potbellied tummies

All because the society is anarchic, but just for the egocentrics

And just because a decision concerning two ‘unequal’ parties

Is done through a ‘shake of hands’ beneath the desks and in privacy

Meant to suck off blood from the lesser party

And ultimately free the guilty

It is this same society

Where ‘Human Rights’ exist in written form

And are chanted all day long

By activists across large geographical regions

But are never put into force, at all

Because those who do so, do it just to establish their names among the people

Of such regions,

While deceiving them of their ‘active agitation’

For the rights of all and sundry

But it is a lie, a DRY TALK

Just for fame


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