How to make money online. 

Working online awards someone limitless financial and time freedom.Their are many ways to make money online, choose wisely.

1. Affiliate marketing 

After doing a thorough research, I found out that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. What is affiliate marketing? While it is a way of earning commissions by promoting other people’s (or companie’s) products.First you have to get affiliate links of the products that you want to promote. Where do you get the  links? I recommend you  to start affiliate marketing at  Amazon or Ebay, they have a wide range of products to choose from. Once you visit their sites, scroll down and click,’Become an affiliate ‘. Then once you create your own affiliate account you can now  pick any product.

2.Network Marketing 

This is a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Their  are many  network marketing companies, some are real and others are just scams. So you might want to do a fine research before joining any of them. Network marketing is the best way to generate a residual income online.Network marketing alone has created almost a billion jobs in the world.Check out Fourcornersalliancegroup, it’s easy to start and one can make upto $600 000 in less than a year.The startup capital is only $18.Other companies may charge more or less. I strongly recommend Fourcornersalliancergroup to beginners since it’s affordable and easy to  make money.Watch this video if you want to make money by network marketing.

[wpvideo m7h5Y3Jg]3.Internet marketing. 

This is marketing of products and services on the Internet. Anyone can do it since it doesn’t require a lot of skills. Although you need to have a big following online and also be good content creater.Internet marketing is mostly practiced on social media. Their is a lot of money in Internet marketing if you get good clients like the big companies. Just start marketing products for free on your social media accounts so that people can identify you as an Internet Marketer.


Publishing articles on the Internet can generate income too. Though one doesn’t necessarily earn from writing content but also advertising and selling their services too. For example if you write about fashion you can sell your services as a fashion designer.  You can also advertise your affiliate links after blogging about some good products.


A vlog  (or video blog) is a blog that contains video content. Just like blogging,generating income by vlogging is fun. You just need a YouTube channel and a nice topic to blogg about. Patience is key player here because making cash here ain’t overnight. After getting thousands of Views for your videos now you can join the YouTube community that allows ads to display on those videos . YouTube pays you for displaying their ads, clicks and views you get.

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