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How to earn your 1st $1000 as a new blogger.

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Blogging is one of the best ways to earn residual income online but only a few bloggers have mastered the art of turning their content to money. Only less than ten percent of bloggers make anything more than $100 in a month. To join this 10 % even as a new blogger you need to change your style of blogging. You need to put much effort into delivering Platinum content, diversifying on ways to make money with your blog and driving more traffic to it. Then you should learn how to convert this traffic to successful sales that will generate income for you.

1.    A thousand dollar content.

This has to be in the field that you are passionate about and one that can attract a ton of readers. After identifying your best niche then analyze the problems that you can solve in that field. Write as many articles as you can explaining different ways to solve them. Write E-books and put them on your blog for sale. Offer services to solve these issues to your readers and make money from it. Example, if you write about freelance jobs, start offering training services.

When you deliver pure gold content then your blogging career is going to be easy and money will start following you. Do thorough Keyword research before writing so as to get traffic.

The secret to making money as new blogger is finding a way that you can convert your traffic to money.

2.    Ways to make money as a new blogger.

As a new blogger you need to be confident and do not let your readers think of you as a newbie. These are some of the best ways to make your 1st 1000 as a new blogger.

Ø  Affiliate marketing.

If you have a niche website this is going to be the main source of income. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money as a new blogger. Some bloggers make six figures from Affiliate marketing while others only make a few coins. It all depends on your hard work and the ability to convince your readers to buy products. Most successful bloggers make money from affiliate marketing. All you need is to build a little trust with your readers to make successful sales.

Choose products that you love talking about or using and share your thoughts and experiences about them. Work on making your site rank on the search engines so that you have a good number of potential leads.

Ø  Advertising

If you have a general blog then this will work best for you. To become successful your blog needs to be getting a good amount of quality traffic every day. Choose a good advertising company that suits your blog best.  Here is a list of some of the best advertising programs

v  AdSense –

This is the largest advertising company. Owned by Google and pays every month. It pays on a CPC basis and impressions. Minimum withdrawal threshold is $100

This is the best alternative for AdSense. Owned by Yahoo partnered with Bing. It displays contextual ads and pays on a monthly basis.  Minimum withdrawal threshold is $100

Note that you can combine these two on you blog in order to maximize on your earnings.

Other advertising companies include

v  Chikita

v  Mgid

v  Propeller ads

v  Taboola

v  Infolinks

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