FIFA 19: Release date,cover,price and new playing modes

FIFA 19  is the most anticipated video game release of 2018. This time we expect to see a big change from the previous past releases. The game will have new features and playing modes that will excite gamers. On the cover page we have Cristiano Ronaldo but this time he has bee joined by Neymar.  You will not see him in the usual Real Madrid Jersey, due to his recent move to Juventus. He has featured on the cover for the second time in a row now.

The official release date is 28th September however the demo will be out two weeks earlier. The demo will give gamers a chance  to play single games with a few selected teams. The selected teams include; Bayern, Juventus, PSG, Man City, Man United, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

FIFA 19 platforms and price

The game will be available on the following game consoles only:

  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch playing Pad
Nintendo Switch Console

A standard edition of FIFA 19 game will cost about £59.99, while the champions edition will sell for £79.99. The  ultimate edition will cost about £89.9. Nintendo switch gamers will enjoy standard and champions editions only. Ultimate edition is available on all other consoles.

FIFA 19 features

The game will be available in three editions; standard,champions and ultimate edition. The difference between these editions is the price and features. Ultimate is the most expensive which means it has more features unlocked. The features are probably part of the reason why it’s not available on Nintendo switch. Let’s see some of the features gamers will enjoy according to the edition the buy.

Standard Edition.

  • Jumbo Premium Gold packs
  • FUT kits special edition
  • Seven FUT matches Cristiano Ronaldo loan.

Champions Edition

  • 20 FIFA 19 Jumbo ultimate premium Gold packs.
  • 3 days early access before the official release date.
  • You can chose gold player in champions league.
  • Ronaldo and Neymar loan for seven FUT matches.
  • Secial edition FUT kits.

Ultimate Edition

  • 40 jumbo premium  ultimate packs
  • 3 days early access
  • FUT kits special edition
  • Ronaldo and Neymar loan for seven FUT matches.
  • You can chose gold player in champions league.

For the first time FIFA has the rights to integrate Champions league and Chinese Super league to the game. The second tier competition Europa league will also feature big teams like Arsenal, Sevilla and Chelsea.

The new FIFA 19 Kick-Off.

The kick off has a fresh new look in FIFA 19  with new match types and playing modes. The new match types include; Champions League,Best of Series,House rules,Home and Away and Cup finals. The house rule playing mode has more features that will excite you. In this mode gamers enjoy custom made rules which include ;

  1. No rules– players can decide to play a game wit h no rules. One ca decide to play a game with no offsides, bookings  or fouls
  2. Survival Mode– In this mode every time a gamer scores a goal on of his/her player is randomly removed .
  3. First to– users set their own win rules . For example one can set the first to score wins the game(golden goal)
  4. Long range-the goals scored outside the box will be counted as two goals while those scored inside the box will just be counted as one.
  5. Headers and Volleys– Only headers and volleys will be counted as goals in this mode.Free Kicks and Penalties will also be counted.


  • Cup finals – In this mode gamers will experience real cup experience. You can pick one of the cup finals such as the UEFA or FA cup final.
  • Best of series– this involves setting a couple of matches which will determine the overall winner.
  • Home and Away– This involves  two teams  playing  home  and  the winner is usually determined by the aggregate scores. When the goals tie then the team with the most away goals wins.

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