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Blogging tools:10 useful resources for new bloggers

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1. Introduction

Blogging tools are as important as water for living things. All professions require specific resources which are crucial for success. For example, it is quite obvious that a photographer needs extra resources like photo editing software which aid in the business. A photographer that has extra resources will likely become successful than those without. The same case in blogging these resources are very important for success. The reason why only a few bloggers actually make money by blogging is that they ignore these tools that help build a successful online career. 


This is important for processing payments online.  Having a Payoneer account is like having a bank account in every country in the world. Without an efficient way to receive payments online then blogging would be worthless. Top ad networks like google adsnse, media. net and Chikita process payments through Payoneer. Therefore it is an important resource that bloggers should consider having. Further, Bloggers can earn money through Payoneer affiliate program which pays high commissions. For every referral, Payoneer pays $25. Sign up now today to improve your blogging career and affiliate marketing skills.


This should be among the best blogging tools ever. Pinterest is beneficial in terms of blog traffic. For instance, I get half of my blog traffic from Pinterest.  All you need to do is create a beautiful pin for every article on your blog. Pinterest also provides valuable and educative content that sharpens bloggers in terms of making money or growth. It is also an important platform that bloggers use to support each other.

Yoast SEO plugin

A fundamental tool for bloggers using WordPress CMS to manage all SEO activities in one place.  On-page SEO can easily be done Using Yoast plugin manager. This tool helps a blogger to write posts that can be indexed by the search engines. Yoast is one of the best blogging tools for introducing your website /blog to SEO.


Image editing website for creating social media and blog graphics images.  Canvas comes with thousands of free image templates to pick from. This tool is useful for making your blog look attractive.

Grammarly Checker

Grammar checking tool that helps bloggers avoid spelling mistakes on their website. In addition, Grammarly also aids in checking the grammar used and suggests the correct grammar automatically. It is important for a professional blog to make use of this tool since no one is perfect in English. Lastly, Grammarly checker is helpful for checking plagiarism. 


This is a platform where you can get free images for your blog. Getting images from other sources is risky since most images are privacy protected and the require permission from owners in case third parties want to use them.


tracking your audience is important for understanding your readers well. Google analytics is free and it provides in-depth details on visitors on your blog. Analytics can help you know posts that are performing better. This helps you to understand what kind of content your audience is looking for. Finally, analytics helps bloggers to know the devices and location of the audience.

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