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Blog Traffic; Best sources that will rock in 2020

Did you get huge blog traffic in 2018? If your answer is no,then this post will help you improve in 2019. If your answer is yes then it will also help you maintain your high traffic in 2019.

Most of the bloggers have good content but get low traffic.This is because they are not good in marketing their content. Blogging is not all about writing great content alone but also finding readers. In fact blogging is only 20% about writing writing awesome content and 80% sharing and marketing your content. A professional blogger should always have that in mind.

Lets see some of the best blog traffic sources for your blog in 2020.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Yes nothing changes at the top spot in 2019. SEO is the best blog traffic source of all times.

Why SEO? Unlike most other traffic sources SEO is free and it drives in more traffic to your site than you can get from any other source. Visitors from the search engines will always interact with your blog more compared to traffic from other sources. This means they are more likely to make a purchase, subscribe to one of your lists or leave a comment behind. To get more traffic from SEO in 2019 you need to rank on the first or second page.

Here are some quick tips that will help you achieve that.

  • Write long quality posts.

long posts always rank better over short posts.This is because longer posts are likely to have more information and and keywords . Updating the posts frequently helps maintain the rank.

  • Back-links

What is a back-link?This is an incoming link to a web-page. It could be from the same site (internal link) or from a different websites.

Back-links improves organic ranking,faster indexing and brings on some referral traffic from other sites. Only important links from relevant sites will help your site rank rank higher. This is because search engines especially Google introduced the penguin algorithm .The penguin algorithm filters relevant contextual links that are related to your articles . Their are two best ways to get relevant back links to your blog.

-Guest blogging

-Writing great content which get natural back-links

2. Social Media

This is a common method that most bloggers use to get blog traffic . If you are used to Facebook,Twitter and Instagram then its time to stand out from the others in 2019 by using Pinterest. Unlike all other social media platforms pinterest works just like a search engine. A single post in pinterest can go viral and drive in hundreds of thousands blog traffic.

On twitter a post is only viral for a few hours or maybe a day or two but on Pinterest , it could go viral for months. Post that contain links on Facebook get fewer impressions unless they are promoted. This is to reduce spaming on these social platforms so the best alternative to use is pinterest.

3.Forums like Quora and Stackoverflow.

Sharing how to and problem solving posts on platforms like these is going to be a good blog traffic source in 2019. A lot of people are always searching for solutions on these platforms everyday.

4.Instagram Stories and Highlights

This is a new trend that will rock in 2019.First you need to create beautiful images of your posts and share them on social Instagram. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and whatsapp where stories/statuses disappear after 24 hours on IG you can turn them into highlights that stick to your profile.

5.Short Videos.

Most people are lazy to go through long blog posts and tend to watch videos with the same information. Creating short videos for your blog posts and sharing them on YouTube and social media will get you more blog traffic.

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