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Best Things to watch on Hulu

Hulu is a streaming service that offers on-demand videos and movies on a subscription-based plan. The service is co-owned by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast. The main advantage of using this platform is that it differs from other well-known streaming sites such as Netflix in that it allows people to access popular series from traditional networks. One is only required to wait a week or some days to watch episodes of popular series. On a cheap monthly plan, you can get access to Hulu’s content library. Hulu works on an iOS device, Apple devices, Android devices, and chrome cast. The interface of Hulu has the usual features of Hulu, like the watch-list and recommendations.

If you’re entirely new to Hulu, you’ll need the app to get started. Sign up to Hulu and start enjoying its benefits. There are many things one may enjoy watching on the Hulu platform. Thing contained on the Hulu platform may be categorized in four various categories:

1. Hulu movies

Hulu platform is well equipped with both the latest and trending movies. If you’re bored and you’re looking for a site that you can watch movies to pass the time, then Hulu got you covered. Hulu site has a search feature that allows its users to search for any on the platform, and this feature eases the process of getting to any movie. Hulu movies are, however, available in different categories. Let us discuss some of the categories of movies found on the Hulu site.

Horror movies

If you are looking for some mindless horror to fill your weekend or night, then Hulu is the site that will satisfy you fully. It has the scariest and the top best horror movies of all time. Horror geeks who happen to have Hulu subscriptions have access to a surprisingly large library of quality horror films. Hulu has a horror-specific subcategory that contains horror movies only, and this makes it easier for a user to easily access them. Some of the best horror movies streaming on Hulu include:

  • Let the right one in
  • Annihilation
  • Day of the dead
  • The host
  • The omen

Christmas movies

There are tons of great Christmas movies on the Hulu platform that are guaranteed to make your holiday awesome. If you’re looking for Christmas festive romance movies, funny Christmas movies, or Christmas movies for kids, the list below got you covered:

  • A Very Brady Christmas
  • Christmas in Compton
  • His & Her Christmas
  • My Santa
  • Christmas Belle

Romantic movies

Nothing is as stabilizing or comforting as watching romantic movies. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thankfully, the Hulu platform has a goldmine of a variety of romantic movies that explore all corners of love. The following dramatic, dreamy and comical romantic movies will put you in the mood for love:

  • 50 first Dates
  • Water for Elephants
  • Something Borrowed
  • Like Crazy
  • No String attached
  • Loving

Motivational and Inspirational movies

When you’re feeling burnt out, movies can stimulate your mind and give you a boost of motivation and creativity. Motivational and Inspirational movies are helpful when one needs a mental break. Here are some of the films found on Hulu that will offer some interesting ideas to chew as you relax your mind:

  • Parasite
  • Lord of war
  • Up in the air
  • Public figure
  • Hidden Figures

2. Hulu TV shows

If you’re bored with watching movies and other things, Hulu has TV shows that can be used to break the boredom. Hulu offers an alternative to cable TVs that has a variety of channels, and it features extensive coverage of sports and news as a complete cable TV. Now here’s the full list of live TV available on Hulu:

  • ABC News live
  • ACC Network
  • CBS sport Network
  • CNN International
  • Fox News
  • Golf Channel

3. Documentaries on Hulu

Today, Hulu is the home to an amazing selection of movies, especially documentaries. It has found a way to become a one-stop destination for those seeking non-fiction stories. The documentary option has numerous types of non-fiction movies that range from sport to crime. Here’s is a list of some of the great documentaries contained on Hulu’s platform:

  • Framing Britney spears
  • Too Funny to Fail
  • Apollo II
  • Minding the Gap
  • Fyre Fraud

4. Anime movie

Anime is Japanese Animations that aired for purposes of entertainment. Hulu has some of the best anime that one can stream. It provides a collection of these anime movies, and therefore one is able to choose the one that entertains him most. However, the main disadvantage of some of these anime movies is that they are dubbed using Japanese voices.

Here are some of the best anime found on Hulu:

  • Attack on Titan
  • My Hero academia
  • One punch man
  • Death Note
  • Food wars
  • Black cover

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