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Best laptop brands in Kenya


Laptops have become crucial to our daily lives such that they are used to perform a variety of duties. Nowadays, students require laptops for online education, unlike in the past. However, mobile phones can also perform the duty, but laptops are the best; for example, zoom classes are worth laptops. Laptops are also important in jobs; some people will also buy laptops and work from home. There are many laptop brands in Kenya today; it can be a hard task for a buyer to choose the best laptop in the current market. When you want to choose a laptop, you should consider the purpose of why you are acquiring that laptop. For instance, gaming laptops should have a graphics card. On the other hand, if you want a laptop for browsing, watching movies, and typing, you will not need to break your bank to secure one. You can buy your laptop in both online and offline shops.

1. HP Laptops

This is the most common laptop brand in the country. Everyone who is familiar with computers and laptop knows HP. Indeed, this laptop is the most preferred and favorite to many Kenyans. The brand is renowned for offering very cheap laptops. This enables low-income individuals to easily afford one. Moreover, the market is full of many refurbished HP laptops. These laptops are sold to Kenya in good quality, giving it a straight ticket to compete favorably. This laptop has powerful features, and the design does not disappoint at all. The laptop affordable, and I will recommend you try this.

2. Lenovo

This brand is currently competing favorably in the market. The laptops have impressed many Kenyans. The laptops have great performance and do not disappoint at all. Lenovo laptops perform steadily with unmatched design and reliable battery life. If you require a cheap gaming laptop, then this should be on your shopping list. For instance, the Lenovo Y530 has all the specs an experienced gamer needs, and it’s available at an affordable price. These laptops can not only be used by gamers but also students, business people, and developers. In short, these laptops are for everyone, and that is the reason they have made it to the top list.

3. Apple

When you think of an apple, the first two things to come to your mind are high quality and expensive laptops. These laptops are absolutely amazing; they are able to edit the heaviest videos; they have a beautiful design and the IOS operating system runs in a smooth manner. These laptops are great, and it becomes difficult for individuals who have experienced this brand to switch to another. This is because both new and old laptop has quality performance and IOS operating system, hence guaranteed to satisfaction when you use the current market; there are a good number of refurbished MacBook at an affordable price. Definitely, this laptop really deserves to be on the list.

4. Asus

The laptops are products of AsusTek Computer Inc. It is a Taiwan-based multinational computer, electronic, and phone hardware company with its headquarters in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. This brand has made it into the top list because they have innovative as well as competitive laptops. The brand has not let Kenyans down by releasing new models of the zenbook line that was launched recently. These models have received positive reviews from customers. This brand has released the best models for users, the Vivobook 15 possessing ErgoLift hinge that improves the position of the keyboard for use. This feature increases the area to give room for ventilation and to avoid overheating.

5. Acer

This brand has been on the market for quite some time, and it has never disappointed its users. Most of the Acer laptops have low prices, but that doesn’t mean they are of low quality. Its laptops have amazing specs like other best laptops in Kenya. They have a sleek design, and they are quite easy to usage. This brand has a line of notebooks ranging from hybrid to ultrathin and, finally, the most classic to suit different tastes. I will recommend this brand for low budget users.

6. Dell

This laptop has been in the market for a long time ago. The laptop has never disappointed the consumers all, and you can be sure that they produce the best laptops. This company has upped its game by introducing very powerful laptop features. Dell laptops have an impressive design with high performance. This laptop is celebrated worldwide in producing quality products. This laptop can perform the heavy task and will last longer. Worry less about the price of their laptops as you can get all these amazing features at an affordable price.

7. Toshiba

This brand is from the Toshiba Corporation, located in Japan. This brand has been in the country for many years. The laptops from this brand are known to be heavy and strong. The brand is known to produce laptops for all-purpose hence excellence choice for different users. The company produces the best laptops in the market like the Toshiba Toshiba satellite pro A50, Toshiba portage, and Toshiba C55. The brand is competitive in the market by producing powerful laptops, which can last for many years. The laptops can perform a wide range of activities, and you can get them in both online and offline shops.

8. MSI

This brand is celebrated for producing the best laptops for gaming. If you are a gamer, this brand is recommended for you since it is leading for gamers. This brand has not let its users down by coming up with innovations. They have an amazing design that makes many gamers get attracted to it. The machine has the latest features like a unique gaming keyboard and an eye-tracking sensor. The brand has developed well-designed laptops that are thin, however, not recommended for gamers. This brand has impressed many clients, with almost all laptops have positive reviews.

The above laptops are not only the best laptops in Kenya. Other laptops include Sony, Samsung, and others that may be included in the list later on. You can grab your favorite laptop from different shops and make sure they have a warrant of at least one year and a receipt.

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