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Best Kenya beach resort

Kenya has some of the best beach resorts in central and east Africa. A good number of these beach resorts have great reviews from the customers. Many visitors travel to Kenya since it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind. The sandy beaches are also among the best. Some are surrounded by the best beach resorts, hotels, and restaurants; hence you surely have the best experience. Here we will focus on the best beach resorts in Kenya. Indeed you will have a luxury experience in the following resorts.

1. Diani reef beach resort

As the name suggests, this resort is located near Diani beach in Mombasa. The resort has world-class service with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. This resort has the best ratings from its customers and has been recognized several times with multiple awards. You will absolutely enjoy your stay at this resort and feel at ease.

2. Sarova Whitesands beach resort

This beach resort is situated around Mombasa. The beach resort has a fantastic experience hence boost many customers. This resort has awesome facilities, and it is surrounded by fabulous natural features. The rooms are designed in a luxury style and are comfortable. This resort has won multiple awards, including the world luxury hotels award, world luxury spa award, and world travel awards winner. This resort has great reviews from its customer, and you can consider it on your list.

3. Southern palms beach resort

This beach resort is located to the south of Mombasa with a distance of about 35 km. This resort is a nice place with the best luxury and nature. This resort is surrounded by a peaceful environment. This resort has also received good reviews from its customers.

4. Baobab beach resort

This resort is located in Mombasa along the great Diani beach. This is also one of the best resorts In Kenya with multiple best experience. The resort has a plunge swimming pool where you can take a dip or enjoy the beach. This resort was nominated to travel awards as the country’s leading beach resort.

5. Kenya bay beach hotel

This resort is situated along with the Bamburi beach hotel. The resort offers a great experience with an Indian Ocean view. The resort is not boring since you can relax under palm trees situated in front of the ocean. The comforting amenities and activities will indeed make your stay more relaxing and exciting.

6. Voyager beach resort

This beach resort is situated on nyali beach. The resort has the best entertainment experience for its guests. This resort is a perfect place for leisure and business travelers to feel what Kenya could offer. The resort possesses three swimming pools and a whirlpool. Indeed, you will have an enjoyable moment during your stay.

7. The majlis resort

This resort is situated on Manda Island in Lamu. This resort has a great experience for relaxing with great luxury. There are recreational facilities in this resort; hence your stay will not be that boring. There is also a kids club involving Swahili cooking classes, snorkeling, jungle gym, and more beach activities. The resort has been recognized in some awards like the world travel awards, where it was nominated.

8. Leopard beach resort

This resort is situated on the south coast of Kenya near Diani beach. The resort is great, with unique facilities that will suit your comfort during your stay. The resort is not boring with the variety of activities it offers. The resort has fantastic natural beauty hence has captured many souls. The resort has received many awards, including Kenya’s leading beach resort, Africa’s leading spa resort, and more.

9. Ora resort

This beach resort is situated at Watamu Marine Park. The resort has the best experience with luxurious facilities. The guest enjoys excellent facilities and service, for example, the spa, boutique la carte restaurant, and more. This resort is a great place with positive reviews from the customers.

10. Jacaranda beach resort

This beach resort is situated also situated on Watamu beach. It is about 13 kilometers from Malindi and 7 km from the city Centre. The resort is luxurious, ideal for lovers as well as family. Skilled Italian employees manage this resort. However, it offers Kenyan opulence. This resort is a great place, and it’s ideal for everyone.

11. Temple point resort

This resort is near Malindi and is situated on Watamu beach. The resort is a nice place with a friendly environment. This resort is for everyone, including families and friends. It has rooms that offer comfort and luxury facilities. You cannot be bored since the resort has leisure facilities and excellent activities for the guest.

12. Hemingways resort

This resort is situated in the middle of Watamu beach. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean with a fascinated experience guaranteed to all visitors. The resort has great services and activities. It has a relaxed environment, and you will surely enjoy your stay at this resort.

13. Salama beach resort

This beach resort is about 15 kilometers to the north of Mombasa on natural kanamai/kikambala beach. This beach is privately owned, with a lush tropical garden surrounding it. The bungalows have great design and decorations to offer maximum enjoyment and comfort. The resort has excellent services and modern luxury that will surely captivate you.

14. Swahili beach resort

This is a fantastic resort with a great reputation and flawless service. This resort has a unique Swahili culture derived from Zanzibar, India, Arabia, and the East African coast. The resort offers a comfortable environment that will make you enjoy your stay.

15. Pinewood beach resort

This resort is situated on Galu beach on the south of Mombasa. This resort is made up of modern spa facilities and beach resorts; hence it’s a great place for visitors. The resort comprises excellent amenities and activities for not only business but also leisure needs. You will greatly enjoy your spent at this great resort.

16. Diamonds dream of Africa

This is also one of the best resorts in Kenya with multiple experiences. The resort has quality services and luxurious facilities. This beach has been recognized in many awards, including world luxury hotel awards and international hotel awards. The resort has also received positive feedback from its customers. The atmosphere in this resort is great, and you will surely enjoy your spending.

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