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Free blog traffic is what determines how influential a blogger is. Sponsored ads are good too but free blog traffic gives better results.So where can you get this free blog traffic? Here are some of the best sources that you can count on. 


Facebook is the most used social media platform with close to 2 billion active users monthly. So this is the first place you should think of  when you are in seek of blog traffic. It’s easier to target readers and also interact with them.You can convert your Facebook friends to blog traffic easily by sharing posts that they will find interesting or informative. Alternatively you  can share you can share your content to the Facebook groups that are related to your niche. Some of the Facebook groups have thousands of members.
It’s easy to convert those members to your blog traffic as long as you share relevant information. Note that sharing many links may result to a low conversion rate. Instead share a lot of information and leave a link to your blog below the post. Make sure to link the blog on your Facebook profile and page to your blog



Twitter is another effective source for blog traffic.First make sure that your blog is linked to the profile.Now you can follow people and start tweeting and interacting with people you are on the same niche with.Make sure to use it often ,share the posts too on twitter but make sure not to send a lot of links because they might scare away your followers.Don’t worry about getting many followers because your tweets can be seen by so many people when it’s retweeted so many times.Having many followers does not guarantee you so many impressions.When you always tweet interesting topics,so many people will click on your profile  and most of them will end up clicking on your blog link.


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Just like on twitter any pin could go viral on pinterest which could end up bringing more free blog traffic. Pinterest works like a search engine where people search for their interests using key words.Pins are graphical images which link back to your blog articles. Pinterest is a very good traffic source. Getting traffic from pinterest is easy just create beautiful pins and share them on boards.Follow more boards related to your niche so that you can improve your influence.


What is SEO? This is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility of a website or a web-page in a web search engines result. How does it work? SEO involves make some changes to your content so that t becomes friendly to the search engines and get shown more often.These changes can be grouped into two i.e on page and off page SEO techniques.

Getting free blog traffic from Instagram is very easy  all you need is to post high quality images and link your site to he profile.Join the follow train hsourceashtags to get more followers.Make sure also to share  your content to the hashtags related to your niche that way you will get more impressions.For example if your sharing content related to network marketing you can use hashtags such as #mlm #networkmarketing #workfromhome 

Email List.

If you are not building an email list as a blogger then you a losing on so much.Email marketing is very important and it has been proven to work for many.It should work for you too since it’s an easy task to collect emails from your readers. WordPress users can use plugins for to collect emails. Non CMS  users can also use third party news letters like  MailChimp and Aweber to collect emails.

Other free blog traffic sources

  1. Whatsapp- share your content to whatsapp groups
  2. Telegram- Search for telegram channels related to you niche and share your posts.
  3. Offline- this can be an effective way to market your blog too.Tell your friends about your blog.
  4. Youtube -make short videos and your blog to the channel.
  5. Palmchat
  6. Snapchat
  7. Push notifications-  WordPress users can try using One  Signal Plugin for push notifications.

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