5 Best Meat Grinder Under 300: Review And Buyers’ Ultimate Guide

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 Comparison Table





Overall rating

STX Turboforce Cadet


Editor’s Choice






Panasonic MK-G20NR-W




LEM Products 1158 Mighty Bite




Huanyu NO.12


Best Value


 Detailed Product Reviews

 STX Turboforce Cadet


       Package dimensions: 21.85 by 11.05 by 9.5 inches

       Item weight: 13.02 pounds

       Asin: BO7TXQ7P9

       Warranty: 3 years

Extra features:complete kit includes: 1 size eight meat grinding head and meat tray, 3 cutting blades, 3sizes of grinding plates, sizes of sausage stuffing tubes, 1 kibbe maker,2 meat shredder claws, and burger slider patty maker press.


STX Turboforce Cadet is the popular units on the market because the proprietary cooling process for air induction being applied. With this scheme, the life of this grinder machine will be increased with the special incorporation of a power switch to ensure stability. Currently, this grinder’s scale number is 12 Grinder and It arrives with a production of 2-1/2-inch in diameter to grind meat properly. It also works with a feed tube that has a diameter of 2 inches. For this model, the working method is included in the purchasing guide for the electric meat grinder. Then Meat Auger is coupled with Advanced Variable Intake technology in its operation. The voluminous feeder tray makes it easy to grind up to 220 to 260 lbs of meat every other hour.


What we liked:

We like most of the complete shredder attachment kit that works effectively not only in grinding meat but also in vegetables. It is effective in slicing, shredding, grating potatoes, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, radishes, beets, carrots, etc. You can even go ahead and shred or grate hard cheese, chocolate, and other nuts.

What would be better?

After a deep research, we realized that the grinder doesn’t stuff. If you happen to try stuffing, you will be disappointed to realize the meat is simply turned into much


       Convenient and easy to carry

       Easy to assemble

       Durable and long-lasting

       Easy and simple to use

       Easy to clean

       Very quiet


       May not stuff



       Motor power input: 450 watts

       Electric output: 300 watts

       Meat per hour: 176 lbs

       Item weight: 35 pounds

       Dimensions: 19 by 13 by 13 inches

       Voltage: 110 v/60 HZ

Extra features:4 sausage stuffing tubes

       Replacement knife

       Plastic pusher

       Gasket, stainless meat tray


    This kitchen wear station SL-8   is a heavy-duty grinder made to perfect the grounding of beef sausage and wild game. With its half-power motor, it will do great in ensuring your restaurants, meat processing shop, deli, butcher shop, etc. got enough ground meat. It’s capable of grinding up to 176 lbs of meat per hour. The manufacturer has designed it’s with high-quality stainless steel that is harder and more durable. It is an internal approved meat grinder by CELFGB. It is worth noting that it has two dissipation outlets on each machine body that expand the machine’s life. The handle is also attached on top of the unit, providing convenient and steady use.    

    What e liked: on-off switch waterproof cover that guarantees you safety when you are using it with wet hands and 5 inches power cord that is easy to clean and operate, four sausage stuffing tubes and a replacement knife in case one break.

    What would be better: although it’s said to be effective in stuffing, it is not effective as such because when you try stuff casing, you realize there are some sharp edges on the unit itself that causes a few cuts.


       High-quality stainless steel

       Easy to clean and operate

       Durable and long-lasting

       An excellent grinding process that works great

       Value for money

       Relatively cheap and affordable

CE approved


  • Stuff casing may not be effective


Panasonic MK-G20NR-W



       product dimensions:9.6 by 6.6 by7.9 inches

       weight:18.48 pounds

       motor power: 180 watts

       meat grind per minute: 2.2 lbs


extra features:

 sausage attachment and extra cutting blade, recipe book


Get to enjoy meals with your family and meat grinded with a heavy-duty electric meat grinder, powerful enough to make Sunday supper plus leftovers. It is so simple to use the unit with people with very simple basic life skills. You can grind several foods with this grinder, including pork, beef, venison, and many other mouth-watering meatballs, without forgetting burgers, chili, and stew.

It is also made with Japanese technology, meeting every demand of your home, and comes with different options, including fine, medium, or coarse grinding options.

What we liked: Unlike other grinding units, with Panasonic Meat Grinder, you give your family a chance to enjoy flavored meat to a premium experience right in your dining room. It also uses sausage stuffer, with an attachment for two different casing sizes and a 180 watts motor that grinds faster at a rate of 2.2 lbs of meat per minute.

What would be better: the unit is well built, but you can hear very little noise, and you can conclude it is not cheap despite it made in Japan. Its motor is 180 watts and seems weak, produces a sound that keeps changing, indicating it is under heavy load. However, it will grind, but you would feel the motor is overloaded and struggling.


       Easy to store

       Flavors ground meat

       Faster and quick to grind

       Easy to clean

  • Excellent value for money


  • Meat may stick inside


LEM Products 1158 Mighty Bite


       Peak power; 500 watts/1000 watts

       Motor power: 120 volts

       Weight: 16.5 pounds

       Meat pan hold: up to 3 pounds

       Speed; full and slow

       Pulse: pulse reverse

Extra features:

Three stainless steel plates, 3 plastic stuffing tubes, size 8 feed tube for larger pieces of meat, grinder, knife, head, auger, meat pan, 2 stuffing plates, 3 stuffing tubes, and meat stomper


The LEM might bite meat grinder is one of the smallest units that doesn’t comprise its quality, as proved by the ETL certification and a one-year factory warranty. It is a mid range meat grinder both in function and price with people who have to use it comparing it with higher-end grinders. It is designed with some metal gears within the grinder to eliminate any possible problem during grinding, adding to its durability and long life. Get to enjoy grinding a considerable amount of meat without getting worried about breaking your machine.

Notably, it comes equipped with a stainless knife, two cutting plates made of similar material.               

What we liked: this is not a complicated grinder because all you need to do it to wash the washable part, assemble, turn on the switch, then feed the meat on the feeding tube, and you are there grinding your meat.  The included meat stomper is a tool you can use to push the meat down the feeding tube if you encounter difficulties.

What would be better: the meat top pan is not large enough to accommodate all the accessories that come with the grinder.


       Easy to clean

       Cutter never rust

       Excellent value for money

       Less noisy

       The faster and practically effortless grinding process

  • Durable and long-lasting


  • A bit bulky in storage


Huanyu NO.12


       Item weight: 8.9 pounds

       Dimensions: 11.3 by 8.98 by 4.92 inches

       Capacity: from no 8 to no. 10 to no.12

       Mirror body: 304 stainless steel

Extra features           

 Stainless steel handle

 Low-speed cutting technology

Labor-saving lever,4.5 mm round knife, a cleaning brush, and a solid wood pouring rod.

This is yet another grinder unit that has left many with their mouth wide open following its amazing features starting from stainless mirror thickened meat plate, clean and sanitary, easy to clean and simulation principle of manual chopping meat. The capacity of the grinder has been continually increased from no.8 to no.10 to number 12.

The manufacturer has given you another reason to smile with the stainless lengthened handle, which does not rust and can save you energy in the enema.


What we liked: It is made with low-speed spiral cutting technology that can deal with your ingredient within minutes while retaining the taste, nutrients, and flavor of your food.

 What would be better: the instruction manual is horrible, and the overall design has several flaws


       Easier cleaning process facilitated by removable blades.

       Low noise when using

       Steel bodies never stain.

       Save labor


  • Cutting speed is low.


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