Need perpetual peace? Do away with all existing social stratifications

It is superficial, and nobody can put it under covers at all. Social stratification and any other form of stratification in the society has been there since time immemorial thus making people live in ‘anonymity’ towards one another though belonging to the same society. People live separately and do not engage in social activities together. It is all a result of divisions in the society we live in.

Leaders have always tried to enhance social cohesion and eliminate such social barriers through extended campaigns to promote peace and harmony through breaking the barriers brought in by such stratification in the society. However, these efforts are often proved unfruitful because it is really hard to manipulate people to change their view on beliefs and deep rooted culture of community cohesion. Integrating the same belief and culture to the larger population of the country is not an easy task at all, though it is possible to achieve the same goal but over a significant period of time.

Social stratification exists even in these communities that are found to be so united, the difference comes with how the people of these different classes interact with each other in the social, economic and political life. When we ‘intensify’ their interactions for theoretical purpose only, that will be deception and a dull notion will be created among many scholars and this will be subject to criticism. Societies are intact but the people are so much stratified. This is a social ailment which does not heal over a short period of time but takes centuries, with each generation trying to be inculcated with the same values of social cohesion while trying to fade out the old notion of community cohesion only.

Broadly, most societies are politically and economically stratified. This is so dangerous because the different classes created by these stratification will always be at positions of conflict. It is just the same as the relations between and among the world states which are always in conflicts due to their varied interests and their differences in their power possession. They always live in fear and suspicion of each other. In the same way, the rich and the poor are not in peace with each other; the political elite and the normal citizens never coexist peacefully (mainly in the underdeveloped and the developing nations) and this has always been the situation. Exploitation has thrived among the two classes, neglection and also abuse of Human Rights. The higher class exploits the lower class who suffer the effects exerted by actions of the elite and other individuals in the higher strata. They trump down on their rights and interests just to nurse their own selfish interests which is like a law of survival in any society. That is how the world is. One’s interests are prime when compared to those of others because what matters in the long run is what you get but not what other people get. The problem comes in with the intensity of the exploitative nature of these individuals. They suck everything dry and this makes the conflicts between these stratifications inevitable.

Different strata have good and strong cohesion in themselves, among its members but different strata have low levels of cohesion between them. People in the same stratum are very comfortable together and there is too much understanding between its members. There is peace among them even when there are wrangles between them. The wrangles that exist among them are not as huge ad those that arise between two different stata. It is openly observed that when the political elite and the citizens of a particular country collide, the effects are felt for over a large scope. The number of casualties is not little and those affected are countless. There is no peace when the rich and the poor interact due to the protective concern of the rich for their property and also due to the desperation of the of the poor. That is reality we humans are exposed to and to some extent, it seems like a hard task to change the status quo of the societies we are living in.

The need for perpetual peace is prime and thus a need to change the way different classes of people interact in the society with each other. If we have to find peace for our people, the gap between the haves and the have-nots should be narrowed down. Though a difficult task to execute, it is the best way we can go about it. We need to do away with such boundaries between the different groups of the society(ies). Otherwise, conflicts will never be evaded. The future will always resemble the past and peaceful and harmonious coexistence will always be short-lived, if achieved.

It is prime to all people

to live in peace and kick out evil

what has to be done is inevitable

otherwise, peace will be unachievable

it will remain a dream far out of reach

that no one can fish out


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