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13 Best entrepreneurs in Kenya

If you are looking forward to succeeding, then you must follow those successful people in society. Following doesn’t mean on social media platforms but looking at their path to success. You will be surprised that some successful entrepreneurs in Kenya have begun from nothing to something. Therefore, you must work smart by making use of the ecosystem and create success. In this article, we will take you through the best entrepreneurs in Kenya. Hopefully, you will be inspired by these great people. Without further ado, the following are the best entrepreneurs in Kenya.

1. Lorna Ruto

Lorna Ruto is one of the best entrepreneurs in Kenya, and she is the founder of Ecopost. The company collects plastic waste, then uses it to make eco-friendly fencing used across the country. Lorna was creative by opening a business that meets a certain need. Lorna was creative by providing an alternative to timber fencing. Isn’t this encouraging? Well, apart from that, she has created job opportunities for many Kenyans. It’s impressive how Lorna has solved the problem of waste disposal. Also, she has also saved many trees that would be used in timber fencing.

2. Ruth Mwanzia

Ruth mwanzia was born in Kitui County. The region is semi-arid; hence Mwanzia came up with a project to provide clean water. She runs koola waters, a business that has become successful not only in the region but also outside that region. This company supply treated water.

3. Perminus Wainaina

Many individuals are seeking jobs nowadays. Perminus wainaina is the owner of corporate staffing, a company that recruits employees. Corporate staffing is among the leading recruitment firms in the country. Impressively, corporate staffing doesn’t charge job seekers, unlike some recruitment firms in Kenya. This recruitment firm looks for employees on behalf of other companies. What you are required to do is applying for advertised jobs on their website, then wait for an interview call. Corporate staffing has grown over the years to offer more other services like a cover letter and CV writing, career coaching, psychometric test, interview coaching, and others. As a client, you will absolutely be satisfied by corporate staffing services.

4. Eric Kinoti

Despite coming up with some successful business, Eric Kinoti began from grass. This 25-year-old man once used to supply food to schools and selling eggs. This young man is now making about 150 million in a year. He came a long way, and you can be inspired by his hard work. Kinoti is the owner of Shades system East Africa. This company deals with manufacturing car shades, restaurant canopies, military, and relief tend branded gazebos and more. Kinoti has been featured in SOMA awards as the most influential individual. Also been featured in Kenya’s Top 40 under 40 twice.

5. Catherine Mahungu

Catherine is one of the millionaires in Kenya. Catherine is the co-founder of an e-commerce platform known as Soko. This great platform is situated in Kenya and San Francisco, USA. This successful entrepreneur is a degree holder in computer science at the University of Nairobi. Catherine has taken part in several ICT projects. Some of the projects she has taken part in are creating mobile apps for informal society, known as Stamford university Nokia research center.

6. S.K Macharia

S.K Macharia is a popular entrepreneur to many. In case you aren’t familiar with him, S.K Macharia is the owner of royal media services. Royal media is undoubtedly among the biggest media houses in the country. S.K Macharia is a businessman, and he first ventured into the tissue-making company called Madhupaper. Today, you may have come across “ROSSY TISSUES” made by his company. This man has also invested in transport, agriculture, telecommunication, banking, and real estate.

7. Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne is another great female entrepreneur who has focused on the beauty industry. She is the owner of kayara organics. Kayara manufacturer’s skincare products. Despite the industry being dominated by top brands, for example, Oriflame and others. Terryanne Chebet is working tirelessly to make kayara the leading brand in Africa. With the determination and passion of this great lady, hopefully, she will make it happen.

8. Trushar khetia

Khetia is another top entrepreneur in the country. Khetia was ranked in Forbes as among the few dollar millionaires in Kenya. Khetia is the CEO and the founder of Tria transit media. This company works on outdoor advertisement in the country. Khetia also owns a number of supermarket stores. In 2016, when still 29, he was named by Forbes as the Top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in Africa.

9. Mike Muthiga

Mike muthiga is another inspiring entrepreneur in Kenya. He is the owner of the Fatboy animation film. Despite Muthiga being an engineering graduate, he followed his passion for animation works. Surprisingly, he learned this craft via online classes and video tutorials to master those skills. Currently, Fatboy animation has taken over the animation industry. It is working with some of the top brands like Telcom, Safaricom, orange, and more. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best entrepreneurs in the country.

10. Danson Muchemi

Danson Muchemi, the founder of Jambopay, one of the top e-payment services in Kenya. This film is also active in network securities and web applications. In 2013, Jambopay was part of Google innovation awards in financial services.

11. Dr.Chris Kirubi

The latte Chris Kirubi was not only one of the best entrepreneurs in Kenya but also across the Africa continent. This great businessman has investments in several sectors. The majority of Dr.Kirubi’s shares are on real estate. He began his journey by purchasing old houses and renovate then sale at a higher price. This successful businessman has mentored many youths. Unfortunately, he passed on, but his name will be an inspiration to the upcoming generation.

12. Mike Macharia

Mike Macharia is the founder and the owner of seven seas technology (SST). The company was founded when he was still 25 years old. The aim of the company is to provide integrated business and technology across the African continent. The company now operates in about 8 African countries.

13. Richard Evans

Richard Evans owns several businesses, including Hamingways Karen, Harmingways aamu, and OI Seki mara hotels. He is indeed one of the successful entrepreneurs in the country since many of his businesses are prosperous. This is not popular to many since he has kept his profile low as his business thrives.

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