10 reasons why you are losing large blog traffic everyday.

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Blog traffic is more important than any other factor in every bloggers’ career,in fact without it then their is no need of starting a blog in the first place. It’s very painful to get a huge amount of blog traffic and then lose like half of it or even more due to some things that we usually ignore or say are minor issues.Let us look at some of them and what can be done to avoid losing blog traffic.


These are the links that bloggers add to their posts linking back to other sites maybe for related articles or further information. Having so many backlinks on your blog will always divert some of your traffic to other sites. I’m not saying that backlinks are bad since bloggers need to support each other although having so many of them is not good either.


Although most of your income could be from advertising,you don’t have to place so many ads since they turn off new visitors looking for information. Place relevant ads only instead and focus on creating quality content which can attract huge blog traffic.

3.Long posts or very short posts.

Some readers are always looking for detailed information so they leave your site immediately they get to see how small your post is. Others like to get the information very fast without having to go through long posts so the will leave your blog if it has very long posts. So the best way to deal with this is by publishing medium sized post which have at-least 500-900 words.

4.Spelling Mistakes.

Spelling mistakes or poor usage of grammar makes a blog look so unprofessional and that might turn off readers very fast. Always proofread your work before publishing it .You can also o get a friend or a software that will do it on your behalf especially if your writing using language which you are not a native speaker of.

5.Loading time.

If your site take’s more than a minute to load completely then that’s probably why your conversation rate is so poor. Actually statistics show that 90% of people will leave a site immediately if it takes more than a minute to respond.So what makes a website to become slow or unresponsive? My blog used to be slow until I noticed that my servers were running on an outdated version of PHP. So I upgraded to the latest version which is PHP 7.1 and the average waiting time reduced to seconds.You can also check your PHP version from your Cpanel and upgrade it too. Avoid setting up so many widgets on your blog too since they make a page load slower.

6.Broken links.

So many broken links on your blog will make your traffic lose interest and leave to search for other sources.Always counter check for broken links or images.

7.poor Image quality.

Let’s admit that images attracts us more than any other thing in a blog post.Having poor quality images on your site might scare away visitors from your site.I’d prefer a post without an image over one with poor images,I know you do too so always make sure you pick high quality images.

8.poor Navigation

When users are unable to navigate freely from page to page then the chances of them leaving your site increases.You can prevent losing blog traffic by adding related posts plugin on your WordPress website.For other sites you can add several links on the bottom of every post to ease navigation.

9.Wrong information.

Please note that fake news or rumors will attract a huge blog traffic.Sometimes they even get more traffic than verified news sources, I fail to understand why so many people love fake news.Note that their is a difference when you post fake statistics on your niche blog.Your audience will lose their trust.When your audience lose trust then your blog traffic will go down.However this can be avoided by carrying out thorough research on a topic before writing about it.

10.Lack of consistency/frequency.

Over the past few months I discovered that my traffic would increase when I frequently updated new blog posts.The blog traffic would also drop with a 25% when no posts were updated frequently.If you want better traffic results then make a plan of consistently uploading new post.

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